Saturday, January 24, 2009

Prac book drawings

I spent a lot of last year drawing bones, mostly skulls, with a foray into forelimbs. Here are some of the highlights. I had to memorise the names and locations of all these bones for my exam. I managed it okay, but the day after the exam, I couldn't remember them any more. Luckily I have my sketchbook to reminisce over. I think you can make these pictures bigger by clicking on them.

In the picture below, 'TS' stands for transverse section, which is a paper-thin slice of an animal that has been preserved on a microscope slide. Preparing the specimen like this shows where all the bones, organs and muscles are located in that part of the body. I think I've labelled the vertebrae wrongly, but you get the idea. The little spots on either side of the specimen are feathers. As well as the chicken embryo, I've had to draw transverse sections of a baby turtle, a rat embryo and a tadpole. It was like a petting zoo, only all the baby animals were inside out.

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Mona Albano said...

Nice! I never got out of the bony fishes stage before dropping out and getting married.